6 Steps to online advertising

In terms of efficiency and online classification, online advertising gives businesses more opportunities to promote their products to potential customers more selectively and more reasonable cost than other promotional products.

However, there is a tremendous advantage online advertising to customers, but few people know about if not directly use the service. That is providing online tools to manage and evaluate effectiveness of the advertising campaign. To implement and manage an online advertising campaign well, you should plan the following six steps:


 Step 1: Identify the target

What are advertising purposes of businesses: Promote the image, Introduce new products or Increase sales...? Once the target is identified, all activities of the campaign will aim to that goal. With the "long-term" campaign, you should identify the target in both short-term and long-term for easier management and more effective evaluation.

Step 2: Planning

This is the most important step for a successful advertising campaign. The more detail the plan have, the more effective the management is. The criteria should be clearly identified in the plan including ads’ messages and receiver, budget, lasting-time of the campaign and the desired effect after the campaign.

Step 3: Selecting the form of advertising

There are many forms of online advertising for you to choose (Banner, Text links, Inline-text, Rich Media, etc.). Each of them has distinct advantages and disadvantages that you should make an appropriate selection that based on the goals set out for the campaign. Some criteria should be considered when choosing the form of online advertising is the ability to classify audience who receive advertising, the percentage of CTR (Click-through rate: The rate of clicks on ads of total appearance time) and the costs charging method.

The best audience classification belongs to the form of advertising based on keywords (Text links and Inline-text). Because the appearance of advertising is dependent on the selected keyword in its content which is often close to the visitor's needs. Moreover, since the text link and Inline-text is the form of affiliate advertising, profit sharing in which advertising service providers play an intermediary role, so that the advertising message can to be shown on a relatively large number of websites as well as the forum or blog.

 CTR index, you can see from the reports of ad performance statistics provided by the service provider or the supply market research company. The higher the CTR is, the more effective advertising messages are. This is a very sensitive indicator because it depends on many factors: advertising product, advertising website, period of time, keywords, etc.


The average CTR of some popular forms of online advertising

(CTR index with reference)

On the calculation of the advertising cost, most of service providers use one of the following ways:

 • Fixed costs: Advertising costs are based on the advertised time (weeks or months). This calculation increasingly proved less effective and less welcome by customers. Currently this calculation is rarely used in the world but in Vietnam it is quite popular, especially for banner ads.

 • CPM (Cost per Thousand Impression): This is costs calculation based on the appearance times of your ads. This is much more effective than fixed costs for the number of times the reader actively open advertising messages.

 • CPC (Cost per Click): This form is quite popular due to its compromise the benefit of both seller and the buyer. Buyers benefit by advertising is only paid when a viewer clicks on the ad message, however the cost for one-click is usually quite high and fake clicking to make money has not been solved yet.

 • CPA (Cost per Action): No ads service provider use this method. Payment of the customer's next action (such as purchase orders, account registration, etc.) is an effective way for ad buyers but can only be available when E-commerce developed.

Step 4: Advertising contract

The current trend of online advertising market in Vietnam is the formation of the intermediate advertising service provider instead of the website owners to exploit the ads on their sites. Selection of professional online advertising service providers means the better consultant and care. In addition, with the high-value contracts or long-term ads, you should not miss the price negotiation (this type of contract is usually from 5% to 20% discount).

Step 5: Effectiveness observation and evaluation

Flexibility is an advantage of online advertising. Changing the contents of the message, date and time to run of ads is carried out very quickly and conveniently. Many new forms of advertising allow the buyer to track and manage ad campaigns directly on the individual account.

 Now www.vietad.vn has implemented this function in management tools including campaign statistical reporting by date and time, changing the website and advertising keywords, setting and monitoring fees, etc. The parameters of interest for the type Inline-text ads are also pretty detailed statistics, including impressions, clicks, CTR, ...

For most other forms of advertising, buyers will be provided with basic parameters related to the Impression, clicking and IP. If these statistics on these figures are not supported by the service provider, you absolutely can use the free Google Analytics service by updating the detailed statistics of the number of customers visiting the website.

Step 6: Performance report

Based on the available data, the review of and report on the effectiveness of the campaign becomes quite simple. The data provide initial assessment of the extent of targets reach before the campaign, which helps maintain or adjust the criteria for higher efficiency of the next campaign.

The Internet opens up opportunities for new business. Along with it is a series of utilities increasingly upgraded to serve the business and the community best. Ensure to make use of what online advertising offers you effectively to become a leader, at least in the area in which you are involved.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      According Tuoi Tre