Customer Care


Building brand awareness amongst target customers

CreatMark provides marketing strategies that enable your ads to reach target customers and convey right messages. We provide various advertising solutions from banners to video ads on extensive network system.

Targeting optimization

CreatMark will bring your ads to the most potential customers. In addition, CreatMark also take different approaches to ensure your ads conveyed to the right audience, at the right time without making inconvenience.

Quality network system

CreatMark’s websites are selected by analysising their relevance, credibility and traffic to products/services offered by your company. Accordingly, we ensure that your company’s message will be communicated effectively to target audience.

Various options

You can choose from more than 9 channels with different clients, which makes your approaches more effective.

Advertising Providers on Facebook Platform

CreatMark is one of the official advertising providers on Facebook. You can advertise within Facebook applications and games, making your company more accessible for its users.