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Internet has become an efficient way to advertise and help you getting closer to millions of potential customers, and increasing the numbers of selling. We, CreatMark Adnetwork will help you achieve your goal by our intelligent system


What is CPC FOCUS ?


It’s the advertising type which you'll pay only when someone actually clicks on your banner ad and comes to your site.


Advertising Formats

Within 180 symbols, you are able to send your message Briefly– Impressively - Quickly.

CreatMark Adnetwork will help you create your own unique ad of Consumer sector and Real Estate.


Real Estate Advertising



Consumer sector Advertising





Why us?

Our system has 150 websites in all over the country with more than 20 millions regular users

News Finances- Investment
Real Estate Entertainment
Car – Motor Woman – Family - Healthy
Technology Travels-Education


- Easy to use: you can change anything in ad content any times you want.



- Our control mode follow the international scale will help you to count the number of clicks time to time immediately and  remove the cheat clicks.



How to join us?


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