Customer Care


1. How to pay?

How to pay for the CPC Focus classified advertising?

CreatMark Adnetwork’s advertising system has several ways to pay for classified advertising of CPC Focus, such as:

1.   Direct payments

Fee Collection Service started from 07:30 – 18:00 Monday to Saturday and only applied to urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City.

Customers can come to the CreatMark Adnetwork office at: First floor, Nha Viet Plaza Building, 402 Nguyen Kiem Street, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

For further information please call: 08.3995.8119 or Hotline: 0903.762.768.


2.   Payment by bank transfer or Internet Banking


Account number: 033.100365.3138

Bank: Vietcombank Ben Thanh Branch, HCMC

Transfer’s content:Classified advertising CPC focus - account: (member’s account of CreatMark Adnetwork)


3.   Online payment

CreatMarkAdnetwork system has applied online payment through Ngan Luong system- one of the best online payment services in Viet Nam.


After click “Online payment”, the system will go next to payment interface which has 3 options:

  • - Using Ngan Luong’s account: You will need an account which the cash balance is higher than the amount of payment. Then, please log in your Ngan Luong account to be able to pay.


  •  - Using the national bank’s credit card: Today, Ngan Luong supporting online payment within almost all commonly domestic bank. Your ATM credit card must register Internet banking to use this. You only need to sign in following the instruction below:



  •  - Using PayPal: Today, the online payment through Paypal is quite popular and high-security. You can pay via international credit card or the cash balance in Paypal account. Please sign in following the Paypal’s instruction:


5.    Change or Cancle Booking

Please contact us at least 24 hours before the advertising campaign started. We won’t take responsibility to solve any circumstances which adjust booking after the campaign was set-up on the system.

6.   Important notes:

- This instruction of payment is only applied for the classified advertising of CPC focus.

- The Customer Service Staff will show the company’s introduction paper with the company’s seal. Please keep the document / invoice in case of necessity.

- All of the online payment forms was executed via the reputable intermediaries in Vietnam and overseas, CreatMark Adnetwork do not take any responsibilities of risks such as the information leaked or asset damaged when there are incorrect transactions in content or process.


2. How to create a classified advertising ?

1.    Sign up here and follow the instructions:



2.    Please fill in your information



3.    Sign up successful:


Within 24hr we will send you an email to confirm and activate your account. When you have the confirmed email, you can start to log in  here



4.    To crate the advertisement:

     Type of advertisement  ->  create advertisemen


  Name of advertisement ( usually the name of your company or your project)



5.   Create the campaign


Type of Campaigns - > adding Campaigns (the name of your advertising campaign)


6. Create advertising campaign



7.Check the statistics reports

Lastly you can log in everyday to check for your advertisement through the account you created. The system will send a report about the number of displays every hour, number of clicks everyday in each campaign


 Type Campaign  ->  Statistics icon



3. What is CREATMARK Network?


CREATMARK Network is a communication company, specializing in online and interactive advertising. We own a network of top leading websites with exclusive content across Vietnam. Our websites are listed in channels with various subjects attracting a large number of visitors from every walk of life.

4. What is CPM?


CPM is short for Cost Per Mil – the cost for providing 1,000 impressions, which bring publisher a fix amount of money for each 1,000 views of the advertisements on the website.

5. What is CPC?


CPC stands for Cost Per Click that means you pay only for each click from potential viewers. This advertising approach is often in mixed formats consisting of images and descriptions of products.

6. Why should you set the targets?


Identifying and targeting at the right viewers is a great way for advertisers to achieve the effective advertisement, such as the advertising message is delivered to the appropriate viewers. An advertising campaign is really effective when you buy advertisements aiming at specific viewers rather than purchasing a large number of traditional advertisements.

7. How can my advertisements target at the right viewers?


Directing your advertisements to the right target: Your advertisements will be more efficient when using audience suggestion options. Our system provides you with options of the geographical region, target catagory and displaying webpage. For each option, the system will estimate the number of customers that your advertisement cover based on selected information.

Region option: You can select the geographical region in which your advertising content will be properly displayed as your choice.

Target category option: As this option has been selected, the system will display your advertisements on sites with related content such as news, real estate, education, etc.

8. How to create the most attractive advertisement?


  •  Simple and appealing message, especially the title should be very attractive.
  •  Highlighting the important phrases in red for more attraction.
  •  Exclusive featuring product photos.
  •  Providing full product information.

9. How does CREATMARK charge advertising fee to advertisers?


Based on the chosen service package, CreatMark charge the each advertisement displaying on the system. To advertise on the system, your required payment correspond to the amount of money you spend on your displayed advertisements about to displayed. Every day, the system will automatically deduct from your account an amount you used during the day.

10. How can I manage my advertisements?


CreatMark will provide you with an account in the system. You can check the exact number of clicks, impressions and your campaign daily.

11. In which case, my advertisements will be removed?


Your advertisements can remain 30 minutes before being removed if your account runs out of money or does not enough budgets for using service. Your advertisement can also be deleted if it has fully reached the number of clicks, maximum CPM bought in a day or clicks, or CPM purchased in the entire campaign.

12. What's the unique feature of CreatMark Adnetwork?


CreatMark provides comprehensive advertising services, i.e. we are qualified to all requirements from advertisers. Our advertising packages are continuously improved and innovated with advertisement formats, technological transparency, flexibility of the advertisement budget, detailed reports and in-depth analysis to meet the needs of advertisers.

CreatMark also provides the most simple consulting service to bring about the maximum effectiveness for clients; we closely keep track each of your advertisement campaign for properly consulting.

Adnetwork CreatMark adopts thorough selection,  checking the transparency and richness of each websites.

13. Why should I use CreatMark’s Advertisement network?


CreatMark has been continuously improved to effectively convey the advertising message and become more attractive to the targeted viewers, minimizing the waste of customers’ time and money. CreatMark  defined that advertising must work well and bring customers to advertisers.

CreatMark advertising channel system is intensively selected through websites with high-traffic as well as useful and updated contents.

Advertisement serving system of the CreatMark is able to identify the content of websites and display your advertising message timely and be consistent with the context of the content that the user is viewing.

Along with transparent reports and accurate statistics, CreatMark's calculation system provides the advertisers with a comprehensive view on advertising strategies.