Advertising with Internet CPM – Solution for corporate efficiency optimization

Along with the change in volume is the change in quality for this market. Based on technology development, more and more new forms of online advertising appear with many outstanding features and advantages. CPM advertising form is an optimal solution and the inevitable trend for online advertising in Vietnam.

Vietnam's Internet market has been booming with the huge numbers. According to the International Telecommunications Union, the number of Internet users in Vietnam reached over 30.8 million people (03/31/2012), make up 34.1% of the population, only after powerful nations of the Internet in Asia such as China, India, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. In addition, under the impact of the world economic crisis, Vietnamese enterprises are facing many difficulties. The appearance and growth of online advertising has been an effective solution for the communication of business.


However, along with the change in volume is the change in quality for this market. Based on technology development, more and more new forms of online advertising appear with many outstanding features and advantages. In addition to online display advertising over time CPD (Cost Per Duration) having become popular forms of advertising CPM (Cost per thousand impression - M in Roman is 1000, or 1000 impressions - thousand impression) is a further step in online advertising in Vietnam.

With the current developing situation of the online advertising industry, advertising CPM is promised to be the most popular form in the upcoming years.


The ability to aim at the right audience

With CPD, advertisers must choose websites with a huge number of access, stability and banner ads will appear to everyone. Meanwhile, with CPM ads, they do not have to worry about the number of access but still reach target. One of the biggest advantages of CPM advertising model is the ability to navigate to the object. With CPM, advertisers can target any object in the smallest segments, such as: geography, domain names, Internet access devices, the operating system of the device, bandwidth and specific time. At the same time, advertisers can manage the frequency of display to the end user, as well as saving the maximum cost through the ability to target almost absolute.


Classification of target audience


For example: You have a noodle shop, opened only in the morning in Ho Chi Minh City. To achieve the objective of increasing revenue in the next quarter, you have to increase the number of customers to the store. With CPM advertising model, you can request a banner appears with the computer IP address only in Ho Chi Minh City, once or twice for each user, around 6 am to 10 am. Thus, only with few CPM purchases, you can reach more target audience, increasing the proportion of people who see and click.


Efficiency and cost savings.


In addition, CPM ads can completely minimize the risky cost to advertisers. With CPD ads, a banner week, though the number of visitors is reduced abruptly or website advertised a problem, it still costs over time. However, CPM can solve this problem, advertisers have to pay only when users see the banner. Thanks to the calculation method of this Impression, advertisers can buy the specific number of Impressions and manage ad budget with high accuracy. Small businesses can also have communication and advertisement even if their budget is not large.


Although there are many advantages for advertisers, the CPM advertising has not been widely applied in Vietnam. The main reason is the technology of ads providers is limited, no effective and transparency measurement tools, which win the trust of the businesses for the effectiveness of this form.

Seeing necessary as well as demand trends, 24h advertising company have studied and successfully applied "Doubleclick for Publisher", a leading tool for measuring online advertising of Google. Doubleclick for publishers is an effective support tool, providing the most accurate and thorough automatic management functions for CPM-based banner ad campaigns.

Doubleclick for publishers simplify interface, workflow management systems and ad inventory making it easy to prepare and run quickly. The developed and innovative Complex feature includes the powerful ability to forecast, reporte and target. Especially, Doubleclick for the publisher provides the perfect counter for each online ad campaign, ensuring the highest accuracy for the CPM-based campaigns.

Through Target audience-based Load distribution system of Doubleclick for publishers

With CPM advertising form combined with measurement supporting tool of Doubleclick for publishers, 24h desires to bring a new communications solution, which is effective and optimized for business.