Measurement of Effectiveness of advertising campaign

Advertising is not a science that requires accuracy. So there is no accurate method to measure the success of an advertising campaign. For example, you can not determine how much can be obtained from every dollar spent on advertising. But there are some criteria that can give you a general idea to evaluate.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the ad campaign, you can monitor sales, new customers, requests for information, the questions over the phone, retail situation at vendors, the traffic situation of introduced website and the situation of online shopping.

To help you monitor the effectiveness of the ad campaign, we would like to introduce some of the following strategies:

- The amount of customers visiting the store increased or not? Please take note the retail situation by counting the number of people visiting the store. Do not forget to monitor the situation before the campaign. Based on which you draw conclusions.

- Is the situation improved after sales ad? You should compare the sales situation before, during and after the campaign. However, we would like to note that advertising often make cumulative effects or delayed effects, so the sales by advertising promotion may not happen immediately.

- Third, to advertising through publications, including electronic coupons. Those who own the electronic coupons can receive discount or gifts when shopping. One thing you should do before issuing electronic coupon that is arranging them in the system. A scientific classification for each different type of coupon gives you the ability to review, evaluate and decide what kind of card will be the best effective advertising.

- Encouraging and reminding clients of the ad series you have implemented is essential. This way will helps customers remember of products / services longer. You can do this by offering a 10% discount for the first purchase (for example, in a period of time from ... to… those who have your print of advertising, will receive 10% discount).

You could use the feedback sheets from magazines. Some publications have released the vote is also known as feedback to find out information. This form allows the reader to send their information to the advertiser. You should release on their own inquiries together with your product advertisements in the magazine. Be sure to sort the coupons systematically before you send them to a few magazines to advertise.

- A method to monitor customer feedback is using hot line to receive and respond to customer questions. For instance, a company’s product advertising together with sweepstakes program, usually a toll free number will be used so that the customer can easily contact. As a free phone number on the ad is announced, you make rules on different ext for certain ad for reference. You should also consider placing a separate phone number for advertising and publishing this phone number in the Telephone Directory for businesses.

- Another way to measure the success of advertising is to compare the web site before and after the ad. Websites always have the tools to help you get the information of daily, weekly and monthly visitors. If you maintain a separate server, you should invest in software that can help you easily gather and track the traffic reports.

- If advertise on-line, you should keep eyes on the percentage of people who see and visit your ad. Most sites selling online advertising space monitor the rate of click on the ad’s address posted on the site, so they can provide you with a report on the situation of access to your ad. Also, if you feel more convenient and efficient, you can create a web page to connect with your banner ads and then monitor traffic on the site.

- One practical and effective way to track and measure that you do not overlook is asking the customers to know how they get the information about your business.

Please keep in mind that you can not determine the level of success if you do not know what you're trying to achieve. One of the key missions to contribute to business success: it is the determination of the market and target customers. Have you identified correctly targeted customers yet?

Finally, make sure you have clear advertising objectives. You may want to promote the business in general, but the target set must be very specific: increasing sales of a product or a new service; making people know about your company; boosting the amount of goods and services sold in a certain period of time or to expand the business in a particular market. No matter what the purpose is, you should build the appropriate way to perform.

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