Customer Care


1. What is CREATMARK Network?


CREATMARK Network is a communication company, specializing in online and interactive advertising. We own a network of top leading websites with exclusive content across Vietnam. Our websites are listed in channels with various subjects attracting a large number of visitors from every walk of life.

2. How does CREATMARK Network differ from a communication/advertising agency?


CREATMARK Network sells online media spaces on behalf of publishers (the website’s owner) in the network while communication agency works directly for an advertiser and advertising agency which is responsible to buy advertisement space. Which means that communication/advertising agency strives for lowest price for advertisers while CREATMARK tries to get the best price for publishers who CREATMARK represents for. Moreover, communication/advertising agency will buy any media space from any publisher whereas CREATMARK only sells media space of publishers it represents.

3. What is Advertising Network?


Advertising Network is a network which represents for several websites or publishers in selling online advertisements to help advertisers to approach a diversified and huge number of customers through two typical forms: Run-of-Channel, and Run-of-Network.

4. What is network of CREATMARK?


Network of CREATMARK is created by high-quality content-based advertisement spots of leading websites that CREATMARK gathered, classified, and sold to advertisers upon Channel. For instance, Business Channel is created by advertisement spots in different websites or categories of websites relating to business. This brings greater benefit to publishers as it helps publishers to sell advertisement at even less attractive spots and approach a specific group of customers while still spreading to other websites and having higher unique users.

5. What is Network Channel?


A Network Channel is known as a Category or Vertical. It is a group of advertisement spots of websites that have same viewers or similar content (e.g.: Youth, Business), and is sold in group by CREATMARK instead of being sold separately upon each advertisement spot or each website.

6. What is CPM?


CPM is short for Cost Per Mil – the cost for providing 1,000 impression, bringing publisher a fix amount of money for each 1,000 views of the advertisement on the website.

7. How does CREATMARK charge its services?


CREATMARK sets its prices, aiming to optimize revenue. CREATMARK plans to sell media spaces mainly based on CPM/CPC (Cost Per Click) with planned price at 10,000 VND per CPM, and 15,000 VND per CPC. If there are many advertisements in stock and an effective campaign with lower CPM or CPC, we could consider this option to increase turnover... Publishers of CREATMARK may refuse any advertisement for any reason.

8. How much profite do I receive from CREATMARK?


We pay our publishers based on revenue sharing model. Our members will receive 60 percent of total net revenues from their advertisement spots, which normally is the amount of money after giving discount for communication/advertising agency.

9. What is agency discount?


Agency discount is a discount, normally equal to 15 percent, that is offered to advertising agencies that place an order on behalf of their clients. Agency discount is considered as a reality standard of the industry at some countries where the demand to buy media space created by advertising agency is huge.

10. When is the payment date?


The payment for publishers will be made 30 days after month-end of cumulative amount (minimum payment of 300,000 VND)… For example, if the campaign runs from September 15 to October 15, CREATMARK will pay its publishers from November 15 to 30. We guarantee to pay our publishers on time even in case the client cancels its order or does not pay.

11. Which spot is the best on Network?


The spot on the scrollbar or top banner is the best advertisement spot. We prefer the spot with high interaction located on the top of the website where the advertisement can be seen easily and viewers do not have to move the mouse up and down to see the advertisement.

12. Which creative ad units do you need to provide?


We provide advertisement spot under IAB standards.

      728x90 Leaderboard

      468x60 Full Banner

      120x600 Skyscraper

      160x600 Wide Skyscraper

      300x250 Medium Rectangle

13. What is IAB?


IAB is short for Interactive Advertising Bureau (, which represents more than 300 leading companies in interaction and advertising business supporting. IAB Ad Unit Guidelines provides publishers a framework for unsold ads and website designing to reduce and simplify work-load for advertising agencies which are creating a fortune at the same size for various publishers.

14. What should I do if I don’t have ads units at the size of IAB?


Publishers will have many options to change their current size in accordance with IAB’s standards. Publishers may create a new ads unit that suitable with our advertising norms.

15. Can I sell advertisement spots which I committed to sell in the Network?


Yes. We provide our publishers with great flexibility to maximize their revenue potential which includes permission to use and control their default impression, for instance, adding advertisement to default impression.

16. What is default impression and how to use it?


CREATMARK defines default impression as impression that CREATMARK will not use for paid advertisements in the Network. We provide publishers with administration right and use of default impression through online interface for publisher where publishers can upload or change creative (for example, if they want to change default banner for advertisement) or upload script to change default impression into ads server for their own so that it allows their advertisements to be sold and administrated.

17. If I become a member of CREATMARK, is there a contract between us?


Yes. You only need to register to become our member and agree with our terms of service.

18. What are other websites in CREATMARK Network?


We strongly believe that there is power in numbers, and in advertising industry, diversity is a main point. We are partner of leading websites in the country. These publishers are known for their good reputation and their websites’ effectiveness.


19. I will work with rival websites in the Network?


In the Network, it doesn’t mean that you will work directly or closely cooperate with other opponent websites as CREATMARK represents for Network Channels as a sole product which is sold through Run-of-Channel or Run-of-Network. Therefore, advertisers can only buy channel instead of choosing any separate advertising spot or website.

20. How are advertisements allocated on the channel?


Our advertisement technology will automatically distribute advertisements in a channel based on the traffic that each spot receives as well as traffic rate for the whole channel. It means that advertisement spots that receive much traffic will have more advertisements allocated, but advertisement rate allocated upon the percentage of the total traffic of each advertisement spot will be equal to each advertisement spot.

21. How does CREATMARK count the number of visitors to ads server?


Ads serving technology of CREATMARK allows us to monitor and control different statistical figures, including allocated ads, clicks, and CTR. Tracking and counting system is suitable for the third party (for example: Google Analytics, Stat Counter, and Max Media). Please note that our system only counts advertisement when it is fully loaded instead of counting when the website is loaded.

22. How can I keep track of sales data?


CREATMARK provides publishers an account to access ads serving system to check their campaign as well as relevant statistics.

23. Does CREATMARK guarantee any revenue level?


No. We don’t guarantee revenue or any target in general in the Network although we provide publishers with flexibility so that they can continue to sell advertisement spots that they committed in the Network. Thus, there’s no cost counted in the Reach Network. Our main goal is to maximize revenue from selling advertisements for websites in our Network and we can only achieve it when the websites do their job well.

24. What will happen if I leave the Network?


There’s no commitment to maintain membership. You can revoke your advertisement spots for any reason at any time as long as you notify us about this.